·       Have you considered having representatives in Northern Europe?



·       Do you need help with your operations in Finland?


·        Would you be interested in new market areas?



My name is Pekka Engberg. I started my career in travelling business in 1978 and have created a world wide and active network during the years. I hold memberships of Skål International and Incentive Association Finland and can easily contact the right persons and companies and find potential customers or producers just for your needs.

Now you can benefit from the services of my company!




Let us take care of:


q       Market research in Finland and Scandinavia.

q       Sales blitzes, fairs, work shops, etc.

q       Client contacting and follow up 

q       Leaflets and brochures in Finnish

q       Arrangements and handling

q       Rate negotiations with producers


Our way to work:


  1. Tailor-made agreements

               - Market research/ Client contacts and follow up

               - Leaflets and brochures

               - Rate negotiations

               - Representations

               - Other arrangements

  1. Marketing fees are calculated by day/week/month/year according to the agreement.
  2. All needed travelling, accommodation, PR, etc will be invoiced separately according

      to the agreement.

  1. Long-term agreements (one year or longer) have priority.


Don’t be late. Contact +358-500-429 077 or click 1st Priority Marketing and let us help you!



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